Why Recycling Is Not Enough!


Do you ever wonder what happens to that confidential ‘waste’ – that meeting agenda with your colleagues’ names on it, that invoice you no longer need, that report that identifies information pertinent to the business – that you put in the waste or recycling bin?

Where do you think that paper goes? One minute it’s in your hands; the next, it’s a shiny new piece of paper, recycled and ready for use? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. In fact, a document discarded in a desk-side bin or an open recycling bin is likely to face 50% more ‘touch points’ (opportunities for material to go astray) than one that goes through a secure document disposal process.

When you dispose of material in a wastepaper bin, there is no guarantee where your information could end up. If you’re lucky, it’ll be buried in landfill or in a recycling plant, never to be seen by human eyes again. If you’re unlucky however, it could end up anywhere in the world, forming the basis of a stolen identity, for example. Once that document is in the bin, you have lost control of it – but one thing that you won’t have lost is your responsibility for that piece of information. Contact Clarks Archive Services for all your confidential waste

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