Document Scanning

Document Scanning Solutions

Some of your documents contain information which is so valuable that their loss could threaten your business continuity, result in litigation and damage the reputation of your company.

To prevent this, the simplest way is to make a copy.

Clark’s Archive Services offer document management, document scanning solutions and document conversion.

Our document scanning services are very cost efficient.

For bulk scanning to disk we guarantee that 5p a copy will be the maximum cost. In fact, the more documents you scan, the cheaper it becomes!

Our ability to provide secure storage for documents in both hardcopy and digital copy means we can ensure the quick and efficient sharing of documents for your business.

In this modern age of communication it is benefical to have a digital copy of documents chief among them is to have the ability to share documents within businesses quickly and easily.

Clark’s Document Scanning Services offer major cost and time savings in information processing and management.

Why choose Clark’s Archive Services for your Document Scanning

  • Instant Access to Information
  • Single/double sided, colour and embossed documents can be scanned to streamline the importing of document data into business systems. This reduces delays by eliminating the retrieval of hard copy versions and the manual inputting of information.
  • Minimises Costs
  • Provides instant access to information to access, share, transfer, print, view, store and copy.
  • Reduces delays and eliminates errors
  • Efficient and cost-effective storage.
  • 125,000 pages to 1 DVD

Transferring your documents to disc has never been easier.

We can manage the complete service from initial consultation, through to collection of documents, scanning, then Archive storage or certified destruction.

We’ll work with you to establish the most cost-effective document scanning services for your materials. Our flexible services enable us to provide archive scanning for your documents. We will also manage your project from beginning to end.

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