Is your office in a disarray? Do you have piles of paperwork but don’t have the time to organise them?

Information is every organisation’s most essential asset. Constantly changing legislation has led many organisations to create more paperwork to keep up with regulatory and legislative demands. It is critical that records, whether on-site or stored off site, are fully managed to enable retrieval and retention in accordance with required guidelines. Lengthy retention cycles and personnel changes can mean files can become mislaid or their whereabouts be unknown.

We’ve developed a cataloguing and file organisation service for all of our clients.

After an overview of the volume and content of the files, and an initial consultation, we can help you manage records to ensure they are captured, organised and retained in a highly secure and structured manner. This provides a cost effective option to ensure rapid and diligent information of your records is retained and ensures Document Management Lifecycles are managed to ensure compliance and often saving on-going storage costs.


Your files will then be stored in our secure warehouse where your documents will be assigned a unique Barcode number (which provides a secure audit trail). You will then have access to your files and you will be able to retrieve any documents if you need to.

The range of cataloguing and file management services are growing rapidly and to find out more please contact us today.

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