Archive Storage

Want to reclaim that valuable work space and clear your office.

The process of storing you documents has never been simplier. To start we collect your archive storage and document boxes from your company location for FREE. (If you don’t have high quality document storage boxes – we can supply them.)

Our facility has been designed to allow maximum flexibility and access to your archived stored material. Each archive document storage box that we store at our premises is individually bar-coded and scanned using the latest technology, pinpointing its exact location in our warehouses. We use state of the art tracking systems which comply with strict EU and UK regulations.

If you request any documentation to be returned, each document archive box will be scanned when leaving our tracking system, keeping a secure audit trail of all clients’ transactions.

Our retrieval and collection service has been proved and tested over many years, but where we differ from the competition is that we are always willing to listen to our clients and adjust our service to suit their evolving needs.


Archive Storage Benefits:

  • Nationwide coverage
  • FREE same day collection or retrieval service
  • 2 Hour collection or retrieval
  • High security fire proofed warehousing
  • State of the art bar-coding systems
  • Track and trace box monitoring service for collections and deliveries
  • The security of our facilities is of paramount importance. Clark’s continually strive for the highest levels of security with our secure document storage services.

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